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June 05, 2004

Indie Film 'September Tapes' upstages Recent Hollywood Efforts at Viral Marketing

Hollywood's efforts to recreate the viral marketing success of "The Blair Witch Project" have been lackluster at best. So it doesn't surprise me that an indie film company may have beat them to the punch. First Look Media, the company behind "The Prophecy" and "Waking Ned Devine," may have a word-of-mouth and internet-driven hit with their upcoming film "September Tapes."

The film, apparently a blend of fact and fiction, chronicles the efforts and subsequent capture of a documentary director in Afghanistan. Fake or not, their recent viral email campaign released a clip that looks more real than network news footage. Think "Blair Witch meets Saving Private Ryan."

First Look has combined this footage with a cryptic, shadowy website (obviously done for peanuts) that really lends to the intrigue. It seems like a viral email regarding the site and a "leaked" film clip is spreading like wildfire, too. Even with a bit of research, I still can't figure out what's real, what's fake and if the director was ever actually kidnapped while filming in Afghanistan. First Look ain't making it any easier, either. According to this article, First Look's keeping mum about the whole campaign. Here's their "official line" regarding the film:

"September Tapes" provides a rare and controversial look behind the scenes of war-torn Afghanistan, where documentary filmmaker Don Larson traveled to the troubled country six months after 9/11 and followed a bounty hunter on the trail of Osama bin Laden. Much of the film’s footage was held by the U.S. Department of Defense after Larson went missing in Afghanistan. It is the first non-Afghani film shot in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, and it is also the first feature shot in an active war zone."

If the rest of the film looks as good as the trailer, we might have a sleeper hit on our hands in August. - Entertainment - Mysterious War Footage May Be Part Of Movie Campaign

June 5, 2004 01:19 PM :: TrackBack



I saw this film in Cannes. It's a total disgrace. Relentlessly narcissistic, grossly exploitative of the Afghans it meets en route, narrated by the quintessential bonehead frat-boy looking for a cheap thrill in the most tasteless possible context, witlessly
reducing complex political issues and human tragedy to a watery pastiche of a totally passe Blair Witch concept and badly acted and filmed. An audience-member tried to physically assault the lead actor after the Cannes premiere, which tells you what a sickening experience we'd just sat through and the gross irresponsibility of the piece given the current world situation. AVOID!

Posted by Shane O'Sullivan at June 7, 2004 03:27 PM

I'm not quite sure what the situation was at the Cannes Film Festival, but it was quite different when the film premiered at Sundance. I was lucky enough to get a pass to the first show and I find it hard to believe you reacted this way to the same film I saw in January (I actually heard they trimmed the movie by 10 minutes for the Cannes version). When the screening was done, there were hardly any dry eyes in the whole theater and they went on to have the most interesting (and longest) Q & A session with the filmmakers. So few films that deal with this subject have actually been to the regions - these guys went into Afghanistan while the war was going on in 2002 - and that real, raw footage is all captured in their film. I definitly saw a side of that war that I never knew existed. DEFINITLY DON'T AVOID."

Posted by Larry Beekman at June 7, 2004 09:13 PM

I accidently saw September Tapes at Sundance, and must comment that i haven't left a movie so moved in ages. What a Cannes viewer thought as a 'frat boy looking for a cheap thrill', I saw a confused, devastated individual trying to make sense of the senseless. It was refreshing because Sep Tapes didn't hit me over the head with messages or ideology, but instead hooked me emotionally with a story that is timeless and filmed in the crucible that is Afghanistan. The Cannes viewer can live all he wants in his black and white world, however, to see a film that is textured, gritty, brave and ultimately tragic, is cinema that gives me hope and compells me to spread the word about this timely movie.

Posted by Jerry at June 7, 2004 10:25 PM

The first guy is so full of shit it's just not true. I was at both Cannes screenings - the lead actor being assulted is just the biggest load of balls ever. Yes, this film has it's flaws - but don't most films? Overall this is a white-knuckle ride, and whilst at times veers towards a slightly pro-US stance (doubtless to get it some distribution), is on balance well thought out and even handed and not patronising to Afghans. Whatever the guy says about avoiding this, people won't - and, moreover, when they see it, they will be amazed at the footage these guys got. A MUST SEE FOR 2004.

Posted by John at June 9, 2004 08:38 AM

I think the view Shane O'Sullivan is taking is the moral view. I have to agree with his opinion. It has to be remembered that "Don Larsen" is a fictional character, the story is fictional. I know for a fact that George Calil was working from a screenplay. What has people uncomfortable with "September Tapes" is that it was filmed during a time when the Afghani people were suffering dreadfully and enduring daily atrocities. It is difficult not to feel uneasy watching this film, for humanitarian reasons, as it uses footage of the Afghani people at their lowest ebb. I have a problem with merging actual footage of any war torn nation with a fictional project such as "September Tapes" in order to make money.That to me is immoral.This is simply my opinion and whether people go to see the film when it is released or not, is a matter of personal choice.

Posted by Claire at June 9, 2004 07:30 PM

Do you think that this point of contention will become an issue during the film's release? After all, even "documentaries" like 'Super Size Me' are opportunistic to a degree...

Posted by Screenking at June 10, 2004 01:35 AM

I have to say it is not easy to pass judgement on others. I saw the movie, it actually made me understand the mess that is ongoing in Afghanistan. The way I see it, this movie brings two ends together. A personal issue, for Don, and a whole nation that had to pay to make us feel we did something. If the movie succeeds then more people would feel what it's like to be stuck in the middle of a war zone. If it didn't then we'd leave that to Hollywood to explain. I would personally recommend it to everyone who was touched by 9/11.

Posted by a fan at June 10, 2004 03:13 AM

I think this film is scandalous! Opportunistic it wasn't! Wali Razaqi went out to Afghanistan prior to it's making, in order to "set things up" for the cast and crew. That guy ought to be ashamed of himself exploiting his fellow country men so as to make millons of dollars! How much money are the "obliging" Afghani's going to receive from the film's profits? Zilch!
That's how much. These guys would have been much better off making a film about the plight of the Afghan people and how the war we brought to them was affecting them, not running around amongst the children with limbs torn off from daily bombings, playing make believe! Oh,I've read what great brave guys they were to go out there at the time they did and actually get such great footage! Big deal is what I say!
Nerves of steel? Conscience of steel and damn all morals to my mind.

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 14, 2004 05:46 PM

Robbie, take a downer dude. Haven't we seen quality pieces already about the horror that is Afghanistan, its tragic role in world affairs, and eternal suffering. Yes the "horror", the unrelenting cycles of tribal butchery, yes the overload, the fucking sensory overkill where one becomes numb to the normalcy of corpses,Islamic doublespeak, and world neglect.

Filmic bravery and moral perfection? Hook or crook, whatever man, all I can testify is to the fact that I saw September Tapes at night, in a theater in Utah, and left the experience totally shaken. I will take this journey any day over the well meaning, but stale docs and P.B.S pieces on the the horror that is Afghanistan.

September tapes and the 9/11 commission in D.C makes me even more freaked that this country still might give W another chance.

Posted by Big mumholio at June 17, 2004 06:30 AM

Big mumholio... I also saw September Tapes in Park City and I also witnessed, first hand, the horrors in Afghanistan.The quality pieces re Afghanistan that you refer to, are a walk in the park, compared to what is really happening out there. You take your "quality pieces" and triple them and you will have a mere glimpse of the truth. Moral perfection? Perfection not required, but, a sliver of moral decency expected. One can never become numb to the normalcy of corpses unless one is viewing said corpses from the comfort of one's living room! Try walking amongst the corpses of dead babies, as I did, and tell me if you are desensitized. If you are, then, my friend, W has achieved his aim. My issue with September Tapes is the horrible thought, that these people could actually go there and see their project through to it's completion and remain desensitized in order to do so.
That to me is mind numbing and beyond my comprehension.

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 18, 2004 01:02 AM

Dude, eloquent snapshots of the fucking horror and indelible shit that you witnessed. But you missed my point, or I am just a halfwit who didn't establish credentials or overall feeling.

September Tapes took me in with a story of lives lost on different continents and how in a way they are interconnected. I have no background on these cats who constructed this documovie, but their creation seemed redolent of empathy and not this caracture that you portray of exploitative filmmakers/\ It made me think hard again about our worlds insatiable need for ritual butchery. Religious or secular.

Props to these cats, whomever they are.

Posted by Mumholio at June 18, 2004 05:23 AM

I'll go with the halfwit.

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 18, 2004 06:20 PM

People, people, chill, chill!!All these bad vibes, not good for the Kharma. Robbie, hug time for Mumholio.
Mumholio, hug time for Robbie. It's only a movie guys! Filmed in Afghanistan or filmed on the Moon, who cares. I thought it was okay. I did myself some trawlin on the Web and I came up with some info about one of the guys who's in it. Seems that the lead actor, George Calil, plays Don Larson, is a self admitted Cocaine abuser/addict. This cat admits to this publicly! Man! Way to go George!
Hey, Robbie, this here info might answer your question about how this guy, Calil, could go in to a war zone and play! Seein as how he's a druggie, he probably had no clue as to where he was at or what the fuck he was doin!
The guy was probably out of his head, trippin merrily along snortin his nose candy! Figures, huh? Okay, group hug time people. I'm goin trawlin again, see what else I can find! Be good now, till I get back tyall.

Posted by Karl Shaw at June 18, 2004 06:57 PM

Your right bro, arms are for hugging and not for dropping. Unless of course, we can guide a smartbomb to take out Mr Rob's cerebral cortex.

Posted by M.H at June 20, 2004 02:12 PM

Hey...M.H...You reckon Rob has a cerebral cortex? Must be up his ass someplace. Now, that would explain his tude! Hey... Rob? sittin on your cortex? That where you lost it? Hey..Robbie gone awful quiet l8ly! What's the matter Sweetie?
Reality come by and bite your ass? Geeze... now you got NO fuckin cortex!
I'm a goin 2 guide my smart bomb up the Robbo ass, just to be sure, to be sure!
Hey...Robbo...maybe you should take a leaf outta that Calil dude's book and go get yourself some nose candy! You could hold his hand and go skippin along together, happy as can be, two good friends and fuck the companeeee!
"Calil and Harris snortin together,
Cocaine, cocaine, makes life seem better.
You line it out, I'll snort it in,
My cortex, my cortex! It's got a big grin!

Posted by Karl Shaw at June 20, 2004 09:40 PM

This is exactly what I mean! From where I am sitting, it looks to me as if this movie is being heralded as a superb work of Art by brainless wonders. Why am I not surprised? It is obvious to me now, that to be able to sit through September Tapes and come away feeling "moved" one needs to be on day release from a Residential Treatment Centre. It is always so much easier to ignore man's inhumanity to man and to anaesthetise oneself to the obvious exploitation of others. It assists the moral conscience to rest easy, if one ignores the tools used and one allows a blinkered view to take control.

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 21, 2004 11:00 AM

Dude, you sound like a clone out of a Howard Zinn texbook. Yes, history is often written by the victors, and alternative views often suppressed.

You honestly think Jon Doe public will loose any sleep about Afghani suffering by watching reruns of Cnn footage or Wolf Blitzer interviewing wedding parties bombed by Ac 30 gunships?

You and well meaning navive leftists will forever inhabit your lonely island of protest while there are some of us who hope the general public tunes into September Tapes, and by identifying with Don Larsons loss and anguish will have some compassion for the decades of hell paid by the Afghani people.

Stop being an ass bro and save that for your blowstick

Posted by M.H. at June 21, 2004 01:02 PM

Hey Robbo?...Um...Can I ask you a question?..Um..Like, what does all of that mean?..Um..could you re write it and this time use little words? You see man, I'm one of them brainless wonders who thought September Tapes was like.. good, so you gotta help me out here ok? I'm feelin real humbled to be in the pressence of such a brilliant mind as yours Robbo and I'm takin to believin that you read a fuckin dictonary for relaxation! oh yeah Robbo, what's a residential treatment center? Is that where you're at? Like.. is there something wrong with you?

Posted by Karl Shaw at June 23, 2004 08:48 PM

This movie called September Tapes is coming soon and Robbo SHAKES!
He's so far up his goddamn ass with righteous thoughts, he thinks he's CLASS!
To us dumb morons, he talks down, but, just sounds like a fuckwit clown!
September Tapes has Robbo MAD!
He's starting up his own Jihad, to stop us at theater doors.
"Don't go in there and support those WHORES"!
But, Robbo man you need to know, the people go, where they will go!
And you can stay right up your ass, try chillin out, go smoke some GRASS!

Posted by Karl Shaw at June 23, 2004 09:18 PM

To M.H. That my friend is the sad reality. Jon Doe public is brainwashed by the Nanny State. Sit and be still and allow your brain to vegetate. Watch the picture as it is displayed and do not dare to question. Do not look at the finer details. You, my friend are a Jon Doe public. I am a well meaning naive leftist? Is this your opinion or the opinion you have been trained to form by your puppet masters? Typical! Typical view of the herd. When faced with an opposing view that rattles your collective conscience
and dares to unsettle the settled, attack.

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 25, 2004 06:51 PM

To Karl. You are a pathetic little creep. Sad is not strong enough a word to describe you. I see you spend your useless time creating nursery rhymes.
Do you also paint graffiti around your neighbourhood? Smash up the odd telephone booth? Savage a few old ladies here and there? I'll bet you have a dog! A poodle. Am I using words that are short enough for you to understand? You are also the type of sub human whom I would expect would find September Tapes good.
Right up your street! Lots of guns and a gung ho character! Let me ask you a question for a change. I'll make it as simple as I possibly can. Do you have any notion of what September Tapes is about or was it just a great adrenalin rush for you? Adrenalin= feeling HIGH.
An experience I am sure you are all too familiar with.
You DO appear to know quite a lot about Cocaine and Cannabis!

Posted by Robbie Harris at June 25, 2004 07:16 PM

Can I get in on this please? I too saw Sep Tapes in Cannes and it left me chilled. Frankly it worried me. I can see by the above posts that my worries were accurate.

If I were the movie's distributors I would shelve Sep Tapes for a spell and wait and see how things pan out internationally.

I'm coming at this from a similar angle to Robbie's. Picture this. So far we have had two American citizens beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists. Right?

American feeling is running high right now over these attrocities and I'd be scared that Sep Tapes, on general release, would inflame the situation further.

Ok. We know it's a movie, but, some people out there might think it's REAL!
Think about this. Say some dork gets it into his or her head that this guy Don Larson was actually killed by Islamic fundamentalists and then goes apeshit with his own crusade?

Think about this. Say this dork decides that he/she has had enough and is going to avenge the death of Don Larson? Larson's death is one too many for this dork.

Ok. Out comes the Uzi and off goes the Dork. What if he/she decides to kill every Afghan or Middle Eastern person that he/ she comes across in order to avenge Larson?

Just a thought, but, a very possible scenario given todays political situation.

Posted by Danielle at June 25, 2004 08:55 PM

You guy are conspiracy artist!

Posted by Mike at June 29, 2004 10:47 PM

I knew this film would stir up a lot of emotions after seeing it at Sundance. To address Danielle, I think you have a valid point. However, this film does more to help the situation then to hurt it in my mind. True, Don Larson does get attacked by what seems to be Islamic fundamentalists, however for the first half of the film, we see Don come to a realization that the Afghan people are victims of terrorism as well. He specifically mentions it in the film too. That is why Americans need to watch this film. So that they can face the images and points of view they never get on tv or in other films. The voice of the real people of Afghanistan who have also had their lives ruined by cowardly terrorists. I think this film will even diffuse some anger and help gain sympathy for a group of people we hardly know.

Posted by Larry Beekman at July 6, 2004 11:36 AM

Hi people!!!!!! It's me!!!! the pathetic little creep...hey Robbo? Did I spell that rite? You know man, if you ever listened to yourself, you'd never talk again! like never! It's a fuckin shame you weren't around when the Nazis had it goin..or were you?
Hey Robbo, from what I hear, September Tapes is goin on release at the end of August! You want to come see it with us? Me and the guys would love to have you along. We'll have no probs feeding you the ole Xanax while you're sittin there seethin! You and your Nazi buddies have time to re group. You can round all us sub humans up in the movie theaters and ship us out to Afghanistan! Robbo? Can I ask you a question? Are you the way you are today because your Momma had inverted nipples and couldn't breast feed you?
Is that what's bitin your ass? You spent nine months tryin to get out of a woman and now you gotta spend the rest of your life tryin to get back into one, but, man, you don't have to be so fucked up! Oh, that's right, you aint gettin fucked up! Sorry, I forgot!
I know you got hands because you can type so, start using one of em to release all of that pent up tension, ok? No Robbo,I don't have a dog. I prefer pussy any day. I do know what September Tapes is about. It's about YOU! You runnin and hidin and guess what Robbo? You're gonna meet up with your own Don Larson, except he's gonna be Danielle's Dork with his fuckin Uzi!
Jesus, what a thought! Man! Hey Robbo?
Seein as how your Momma came into things is she seein anyone right now? She obviously had a raw deal with whoever spawned you so, maybe it's time she had a REAL man!

Posted by Karl Shaw at July 7, 2004 09:26 PM

ok right, i saw september tapes and thought it was fuckin awsome!!! so next time you try and come up with all this shit about going to kill arabs think about this: the guy who plays don larson is half arab!!!!!!!
and by the way to anyone who didnt like it, U OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE ANY TASTE!!!

Posted by yaz read at July 27, 2004 07:42 PM

Odd. I thought the people at Cannes liked fake documentaries. Didn't Fahrenheit 9/11 win top honours there?

Posted by Dr.Cruel at August 1, 2004 04:05 AM

Karl, your a fucking genius.. If I had a slit I would give it up to you. Robbie, the Stalinist left that you represent, would rather have a backdoor enema thEN have a reasoned arguement any day of the year. YO, tell me doublespeak boy, why would we want to live in your world were equality trumps liberty, cowardice masquarades as compassion and a foreign policy that believes we can use the cold war paradigm to defeat the Islamic fascists.
Oh yeah, we have no enemies but ourselves, and we are being hit because of blow back and behaving like crusaders and supporting the only democracy in the reigon. I aint mad at cha, but just feel sorry for your cowardice and by the way, do you still subscribe the Pravda?

Posted by Mumholio at August 4, 2004 12:54 PM

Arabs, Afghanistanies, Americans, British, Lebanese= a cocktail of races.
September Tapes is a movie of violence and bad language and is poorly filmed and acted. It made me feel fuckin sea sick - too much camera shake. I saw it on D.V.D last Friday - okay, a pirate copy - still badly filmed.
Not surprised the lead actor George Calil is half Arab/Lebanese - that lot were trying to kill each other a while back.
He's also half Irish American - seems his Mom is from Tennessee - family called Condon - hailed from Co. Clare in Ireland.
Irish blood in the guy? Sure, don't we all know the Irish are a race of murdering terrorists, blowing each other up and anyone else who disagrees with them!
Blood thirsty terroists - that's the Irish. Here we have a movie that's violent and exploitative - and badly filmed and the lead actor is an Arabic/Lebanese/Irish/American and I'll bet the fucker was born in Britain! lol
September Tapes is a platform for the playing out of deeply entrenched racist and terrorist feelings.

Posted by Josiah Puddleduck at August 4, 2004 06:09 PM

Who the Hell do you think you are Josiah Puddleduck? I take grave exception to your remarks about the Irish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Irish, 100% Irish. I was born and reared in Ireland and I live in Dublin. We are NOT a race of terrorists by any means!
As to your remarks about us blowing ourselves up and other people who disagree with us! Don't get me started!
Not everybody on this island is entangled with the I.R.A. You, pal, have a very blinkered view of us. Are you living on the Moon? You are an uneducated buffoon.
In any case, what the Hell does September Tapes have to do with the Irish situation? How can you even equate the two? I don't get your point.
Ireland has nothing to do with Afghanistan or the situation there.
We are a neutral country and have never invaded anybody! We have been the invaded. I cannot recall any Lebanese ever invading us! We had a peace keeping force in Lebanon through the U.N. but that's where it ends.
Anyway, you shouldn't be watching a pirate copy of a film that hasn't even been released yet! What are you like! Go and blow yourself up, you're a half eejit!

Posted by Cliodhna at August 4, 2004 07:13 PM

Bad camera shake. Omg, what a wanker - what did your momma and poppa send their little boy away to film school and now all he is doing his blowing the head of acqusitions. On and excuse me cum sucker Dp, maybe the cameraman didn't have time to set up a tripod to get cinematic shots while Taliban remnants were being paid to make hits on Westerners.. You ever get out of West Hollywood you soft piece of shit and maybe visit a real war zone, were no one is trusted and around every corner might be your last breath. Yes, of course you havent, you low level cog.

Posted by mum at August 4, 2004 09:46 PM

Mum rules this fucking board. bow down to who ever you are..

Posted by Brett at August 4, 2004 09:49 PM

What were the fuckin Westerners doing there in the first place? Making a stupid movie about some horseshit journalist on a super moralist high! Get outta here Mum! Serves them right if they had of gotten their stupid heads blown off. Fuckin assholes and expectin us, the general public, to tell em what great fuckin heroes they are! Yeah rite!

Posted by Rasputinridesagain at August 5, 2004 12:15 PM

To Mumholio. I am unsure where you are getting the idea that I am a Communist or that I subscribe to Pravda. I am certainly not a coward as I have put myself at the front line many times. I have experienced, first hand, the horrors of Afghanistan and I stand over my opinion regarding the commercial celluloid wonder that is September Tapes. I do not need your pity, for I pity you. You, my friend have allowed yourself to be brain washed by this shameless pocket liner.
I can see from the posts on this site that you are not alone. I also see that the leading actor is allegedly half Arab. This to my mind is a double insult to the people of Afghanistan.
Naive Westerners travelling to that war torn country in order to play make believe is one thing, but an Arab?
Insensitive and courting professional suicide is the order of the day for that guy. Flogging is too good for him.
I am not alone in my views. Since time immemorial the lesser view has incurred the wrath of the herd. You, my friend, should contemplate turning from the herd and allowing your own free will to blossom. It's never an easy journey but it's a rewarding one.
What is Democracy but the majority running rough shod over the rights of the minority. I am one of the minority it seems. I am prepared for your venom.
Shaking the sleeping brains of the herd is never easy.

Posted by Robbie Harris at August 5, 2004 06:27 PM

To Karl. Desist from defamimg my Mother. I doubt you ever had one. You are a lost cause. You are in need of a Labotomy, that is if you have enough brain cells for any self respecting surgeon to locate. It must be nearly time for your eagerly awaited abomination of a movie to be released!
Are you clapping your little paws with glee? Frothing at the mouth in anticipation? Straining at your leash?
I see that September Tapes has been pirated. How sad! What a catastrophe!
Poor Karl! It may never achieve the dizzy heights now that you so looked forward to.

Posted by Robbie Harris at August 5, 2004 06:38 PM

Hello people! Hello Mumholio! Hey,Robbo
Jesus, I thot you were fuckin dead! What a disapointment! Hey, maybe you ARE fuckin dead! Blog of the livin dead
Hey.. Robbo? How come you didn't take my advice and give your hand some exercise? You still got the same tude on here... BAD! Oh yeah...b4 I 4get, quit sendin me pics of your Mom. Jesus.
Man! I was just kiddin with ya, ok? Hey.. Robbo, how come she looks like a horses ass? What BIG lips she's got! So, your still on your soap box! Robbo.. seems to me that the best part of you ran down your Momma's legs. Hey... Puddlefuck? Quit slammin the Irish! My Granma was Irish...she emigrated here all the way from Helsinki! Robbo... I got your seat booked 4 the 1st showin of September Tapes! Grittin your teeth and wearin em down? Take em out there and have a look.

Posted by Karl Shaw at August 5, 2004 09:17 PM

Damn Robo you must be half Arab cause you got a fucking martyr complex.. When is your Jiheed? Make sure to let us simple folk know and maybe we can take a break from raising our families, paying out taxes, and helping out in the community and come see how the true cultural elite sacrafice themselves at the altar of the poor oppressed minority. Yeah I forgot, the dictatorship or the proletariat, the beauty of the comintern and equal rights for all. Wait, hasen't your ill concieved social engineering been tried before? Oh yeah it ended up in " the dust bin of history" hopefully were you and your paternal nanny state will also.
Get it over with you big pussy. Borrow your boyfriends purse and whip yourself to death..

Posted by mum at August 6, 2004 01:26 AM

Jesus...I just thought of somethin here! See how Robbo says he was IN afghanistan...well,what if the guys who made September Tapes had come across him while they were out there!!!
Fuck me Jesus... that would have made a brilliant movie! "The September Tapeworm" featuring Robbo, the one man Taliban! Fuckin oscar material!

Posted by Karl Shaw at August 6, 2004 11:11 AM

Why is this movie causing so much aggro?
You either like it or you don't, end of story. It hasn't even been released yet and here's everybody eating each other alive! What's going to happen when it finally gets distributed? Is there going to be a full scale war with the pro Sept.Tapes side tearing into the anti Sept.Tapes side? The amount of venom and rage coming through these posts is incredible! I've viewed other blogs about various movies and I've never come across the likes of this! Farenheit 911 blogs are not even causing this sort of reaction!
I've read through the posts on this board and they're scary! Do you people all know each other in the real world and hate each other? If you don't, wow!
This film is bringing out Racism, sarcasm, hatred, aggression and intolerance in you people. Read up through the amount of nationalities that are getting bashed here! One guy is even speaking disrespectfully about another guys mother! wow! I don't like this, in no way! You should all leave personal gripes out of it here and just post about September Tapes. if the gripes are not personal, boy, do you people have problems! Relax already!

Posted by Andrew at August 6, 2004 05:36 PM

I know what you mean Andrew, but, if you think for one minute that I'm going to sit here and stay sthum about my country and my fellow citizens being accused of being terroists, you have another think coming! I don't give a fiddler's curse about any other nationality being slandered on this site, but, I DO care about my own country! That's all I have to say.

Posted by Cliodhna at August 8, 2004 12:02 AM

As I said YAZ. Lead actor half Arab? Figures. Obviously a very mixed up individual and one that's on a road to nowhere. I read that he's the son of a Multimillionaire. Maybe he should have opened up his " trust fund" and tried aiding the Afghanistans instead of exploiting them? I read too that he's kind of shrouded in some sort of" mystery" about the death of his former girlfriend? Seems that he "faced no charges" and was found totally innocent of any wrong doing relating to her death? Kind of odd that, seeing as how he provided the class A drug that contributed to her death. As it goes: it's not what you know, but, who you know, or in this guys case, who Daddy knows.

Posted by josiah puddleduck at August 8, 2004 08:45 PM

I pay my taxes Mum and all my other dues to society. I am simply trying to enlighten the blinkered. It is a difficult task and one I give freely. I am not half Arab, why would you say that? You my friend, are a bigot. Incidentally, the name is ROBBIE, not Robbo! Bad manners do you no justice Mum. To answer Andrew. Yes, this board emanates evil and hatred. Why are you surprised? I have been the butt of the hatred simply by stating my views. History tells us that when the herd is confronted by truth and piety, the herd attacks. It is movies like September Tapes that brings out this darker side of man. It feeds on the prehistoric emotions and blinds those who view it to the realities of what it portrays. It is a dangerous movie and one to be avoided if one cherishes ones better instincts.

Posted by Robbie Harris at August 8, 2004 10:30 PM

Look, stop this once and for all! This site is getting out of control. It's as simple as this. Sept. Tapes is a film. That's it! A film! Who cares if the lead actor is Arab, Irish, American or if he's a bloody Eskimo! I don't for one. Nobody is being forced to go and see it. You can all take it or leave it. I think it's a very good film and I think it's wrong to use it as a reason to slag each other off. What I'd like to see on this site is constructive critism of Sept. Tapes and not this ranting and raving. Give it over and stop behaving like a pack of gobshites!

Posted by cliodhna at August 8, 2004 10:45 PM

Don't worry... the cowards from the studio who purchased s.t are scared of any sort of controversy, and most of America won't get a chance to judge for themselves about the merits of the movie..

Can you say Disney redux, except First Look Medal initially showed some balls but now have have as much leadership and bravery as our President.

Pussies all the way around for the kings of mediorcity.

Posted by nigel at August 9, 2004 12:46 AM

Was wondering that myself...I read S.T. was to be released this it looks like it's to be September 17th.
Come September will we be reading that release is to be in October?...

Yep, cowards all round...haven't First Look Media been taken over and aren't they under a new banner now?

Is S.T shelved for now and are the pussie owners waiting for some nice global harmony before they release it?

If that's the great, great grandkids might get to see it!

Posted by Augusto at August 9, 2004 12:27 PM

The cowards at FirstLook and Thinkfilm would want to get their acts together... FAST...September tapes is being pirated at the rate of knots!
It's drawing attention and I've come across 3 people who have it. Not very businesslike to be letting this What's the hold up anyway?Open Water, Metallica; some kind of monster, Maria Full of Grace etc: All debuted at Sundance...and they're out on distribution as I write!
Come on guys...get the old act together
or September tapes will be distributing as a " re run"!

Posted by Danny Flynn at August 11, 2004 07:29 PM

There a group of leaderless robots who have no idea about marketing such a timely movie and someone i know inside the organization has informed me they spend nothing on their movies but line their pockets instead.

what a shame such a film landed in the hands of such hacks.

Posted by Sween at August 12, 2004 01:28 PM

I am beyond thrilled here that this awful excuse for a "really good movie" is still not on public release! It's obvious to me that the powers that be at Firstlook, have realised that they may be dicing with public outrage on this one.
Long may they hold that realism! Far from them being "leaderless robots" to quote Sween, they have their communal fingers on the pulse and may have a wish to remain in business! What film company needs bad publicity, especially if they are going to appear as renegade as the cast of September Tapes? Showing restraint in holding back this propaganda feast is, to my mind, very good business.

Posted by Robbie Harris at August 14, 2004 08:20 PM

This I don't believe!!!!!!! Like,don't believe!!!!!!! ROBBO!!!! FUCK OFF!!!!!
You have gotta be the most irritatin, pompus fucker that ever lived.
Are you for real????? Like, do you really exist????? You, asshole, take your boyfriend's purse like mum said, and SHOVE IT!!!!! JESUS,,,If I met up with you I'd pound you so bad that you'd be shittin outta your mouth and eatin thru your ass!!!!! Oh man!!! I was sittin here surfin the good ole Net and thought I'd drop by to see what's new on here and I get ROBBO!!!!! Robbo the Ravin, Rantin, Rat faced, Ringworm. Nah, you aint real....can't be! Calm, Karl, calm.......

Posted by Karl Shaw at August 14, 2004 10:04 PM

The movie release is being stalled. rumors has it that there are some strings pulled to shelve ST. I was told that was the reason for buying out FirstLook.

Who knows? ST may never see daylight!
What a shame ..

Posted by insider at August 23, 2004 04:20 PM

I'm a journalist working for the national public business radio show, Marketplace. I'm doing a story about "September Tapes." I'd like to do short telephone interviews with people who have seen the film and/or feel strongly about the ad campaign.

Posted by Jeff Tyler at August 23, 2004 08:04 PM

I get this feeling that there is more to this film than the surface controversy.
Is it moral...
Is it fair...
Is it fake...
Is it real...
These questions don't even begin to touch on the deeper implications of what this film holds. Regardless of whether the background story is true or just a cover story for who really made this film possible - we'll never know. CIA PsyOp or genuine Hollywood madness - doesn't matter.
I see the making of this movie as rather like the revealing of the Stealth fighter in the early 90's. I get the feeling that we are seeing a secret weapon of mass media technology being revealed for the first time.
This film September Tapes goes beyond Wagging the Dog in that WtD was a traditional movie production giving a glimpsed suggestion of how the masses can be controlled. However, in order to keep the masses calm, they must discredit the plausability of such propaganda methods by going far overboard with the storyline.
September Tapes is different from WtD in that for all intents and purposes, it is an actual documentary using real interviews, real footage on the ground. It shifts over to fiction only by scripted embedded narration.
Which brings me to the implications of this film. How far removed is this film from actual practices employed by our "embedded journalists" and mainstream media news makers?
Remember, these film makers of ST were pretending or conning their portrayal of documentarions by ACTUALLY DOING what documentary film makers do: tell a story. The final story is only FICTIONAL because THEY say it is. Like that, mainstream media's final story is only TRUE because THEY say it is.
What else is going on over seas and what stories to we read that are a "blend" of fact and fiction? What these film makers did is EXACTLY what our media do every day. Political campaign leaders do this every day. Corporations do this every day.
Yet, this groundbreaking, paradigm shifting film is yet to be released. Gee, I wonder why.

Posted by alex at September 5, 2004 05:54 PM

I am sure that it is a compelling film. When it opens near me I will have the moral dilema, "shall I PAY to have reality and fiction blended for me?" to sort through. I am not comfortable willfully causing someone to grow rich from the disingenous plucking of my heartstrings. I suggest that every one who resents the idea that the media, government, campaign leaders, and corporations not only twist the truth in delivering it to us, but demand monetary compensation for it, while weakening our capacity to discern reality from fiction in the process, not fiscally contribute to the financial success of this film.

Posted by AnnaRose at September 5, 2004 11:14 PM

People keep incorrectly relating this movie to Blair Witch. I think thats truly an inadequite representation as this is a horrible political exploitation of peoples current fears, much like Cannibal Holocaust did for the whole mondo thing. I haven'e seen this but I'd only consider seeing it if:

A) Like Cannibal Holocaust the film decides to gross out the audience with extremely intense and graphically realistic gore(live animal mutilation's a plus)

B) Like the Blair Witch project, the film includes witches chasing Afghanistan....with flamethrowers.


C) It is actually comprised of real footage of Americans being wasted down to smoldering shoes for being ignorant enough to enter the middle east and attempt to film exploitive violent acts our sadistic troops are currently waging.

I saw a commercial for this film last night during prime time television, so that pretty much eliminates A and C, so I'm hoping to god there are strapped up witches tearing ass around Afghanistan napalming things. Lets cross our collective fingers.

Posted by Vaughn at September 8, 2004 01:02 PM

Well,well, well. September Tapes has finally been released and what a field day the critics are having! Review after review slates this abomination as befits it. Out of ten reviews I have read, only two give any semblance of finding this 9/11 desecration passable and this given with a take it or leave it attitude.
It is gratifying to read that the film critics know how to do their jobs and recognize the extremely poor taste of September Tapes.
As I have been saying all along, to use the horrors of war torn Afghanistan
as a backdrop for a fictious, money making fantasy is not only wrong, but utterly despicable. The complete cast and crew of September Tapes should hang their collective heads in shame.
They are the lowest of the low and hopefully their careers in the film industry will nosedive following this ill advised and anger provoking trash.

Posted by Robbie Harris at September 24, 2004 09:11 PM

Just a by word here folks!!!
I saw Sept. Tapes last night and I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!
They should pay US to sit thru that CRAP!!!
Lead actor CAN'T act...
Camera guy NEVER held a camera before!!
( come to think of it..WAS there a camera guy??? ) OH YEAH,,,HE WAS MR.PERSONALITY!!!
Best performer in the whole goddamn movie was...drumroll!!! THE FUCKING CAMEL!!!
What a load of HORSESHIT!!!
FUCKING IMBECILES...NO!!!We the paying public are the FUCKING IMBECILES to part with our cash!!!
Boy, do I feel taken for a ride!!!

Posted by ken at September 24, 2004 10:29 PM

Not amazing but I felt how i did the morning of 9/11. Numb, shocked and wanting revenge. Issues are varied with the movie but I finally felt that an original was made about the desire for revenge that shook me to my foundation after that day.

Confusion about fact and fiction and question about exploitation can be debated but I finally felt that visceral hate once again that i have for the islamofascists who are purveyers of hate and death.

Thanks for shaking me back awake to the fact and giving drama to the obvious that needs to be addressed. Where is Obl?

I recommend this even though I do have some issues.

Posted by Baxter at September 24, 2004 11:36 PM

Afghanistan, huh. Well maybe.
Take a look at

Posted by Factfinder at September 25, 2004 08:40 PM

I saw this movie and my question is this? If the movie was allegedly shot in Afghanistan, why do all the billboards read in Sanskrit?
I would expect to find Farsi on the Sanskrit!
Is this movie a big fake? Hey, guys?
Did you forget to hide the billboards?
lol lol lol!
So....this leads me to believe that you were never in Afghanistan!... lol..
You were actually
You blew it guys! lol lol
What a stupid mistake to make!
Stars out of ten for this movie...0!

Posted by carla at September 25, 2004 09:44 PM

Hey, I had hard time getting over the stiff lead actor and inconsistent voice overs but found some merit in attempt of one man's futile attempt to make sense of the unsensible.

Camera shake was sometimes unbearbale but smoke and mirror editing and score was highlight.

I suggest it and see for yourself

Posted by Charles at September 25, 2004 11:44 PM

I am unconvinced.
I am like soooooooo totally unconvinced
I left this sham 20 mins before the end
I had enough. If and I say if, these bozos were really in Afghanistan, why not do a proper documentary?
They were allegedly there, so, why not do it? Why waste a great opportunity to get a real slant on life in Afghanistan, post Taliban, and not this stupid unbelievable smalch?
Stiff lead actor? Give me a break!
Where did they get that guy?
A reject from a waxwork museum! He is the main reason that this movie is like
sooooooooo unbelievable! I had zero sympathy with his plight and was wishing that someone, anyone, would take him out, like 20 minutes into the screening. Whoever the fuck he is, send him back to ignominy, like fast!
Why the stupid stilted voiceover?
It fucked up the movie and the scenes from Afghanistan where stunning enough without the bozo yaking away in a pretend American accent, iritating me to Hades!
As its been said, George Bush didn't get his man and Christian Johnson doesn't get his movie!

Posted by eyonime at September 26, 2004 08:51 PM